Google's Bard AI chatbot can now answer questions about YouTube videos

Google’s Bard AI Chatbot Expands to Answer Questions About YouTube Videos

Google's Bard AI chatbot can now answer questions about YouTube videos, providing specific answers to queries and enhancing engagement.

Google’s Bard AI Chatbot can now answer questions about YouTube videos, expanding its capabilities beyond simply finding specific videos.

The chatbot can now provide specific answers to queries related to the content of a video, allowing for deeper engagement with YouTube videos. For example, users can ask how many eggs a recipe in a video requires or inquire about the location of a place seen in a travel video.

This update comes after YouTube started experimenting with new generative AI features, including an AI conversational tool that answers questions about video content and a comments summariser tool. The conversational tool’s responses are generated by large language models and can be accessed while a video is playing.

The comments summariser tool organizes topics of discussion in comment sections to provide users with an overview of what people have been saying. Additionally, Google has opened up access to Bard for teens in most countries, allowing them to use the tool for various purposes, from finding inspiration and discovering new hobbies to solving everyday problems.

This update reflects Google’s efforts to enhance the capabilities of its AI chatbot and make it more accessible to users.

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