Forget Siri. Turn your iPhone's 'Action Button' into a ChatGPT voice assistant instead

Introducing OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice: Now Available to All Free Users

OpenAI's ChatGPT Voice is now available to all free users, turning their iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max into a voice assistant.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice feature is now available to all free users, allowing them to use it as a voice assistant on their iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

The new Action Button on these phones can be configured to perform various tasks, including launching ChatGPT’s Voice access feature. This was previously only available to ChatGPT+ subscribers, but is now free for all users.

To configure the Action Button to launch ChatGPT, users need to access the Settings menu, select the Shortcut option, and choose ChatGPT as the associated action. Once configured, users can press and hold the Action Button to start a voice session with ChatGPT. The app supports five different voices and can be used for various everyday queries.

The Action Button can also be configured to launch other third-party apps and custom shortcuts. However, adding ChatGPT support is considered a better option due to its usefulness and capabilities.

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