YouTube AI Features And How To Use Them

Introducing YouTube’s Playables and AI-driven Comment Summaries for YouTube Premium users

YouTube introduces two new features, Playables and AI-driven Comment Summaries, enhancing gaming and comment section experiences for Premium users.

YouTube has introduced two new experimental features, Playables and AI-driven Comment Summaries, which are currently available for YouTube Premium users to try out. Playables allow users to seamlessly transition from watching videos to playing games directly on the platform, without the need to download separate apps. This feature is designed to enhance the gaming experience for both players and content creators. To access Playables, users simply need to be YouTube Premium subscribers and can easily select and play games from the available options.

The AI-driven Comment Summaries feature aims to streamline and provide insights into the comments section of videos. By using smart algorithms, this feature summarizes the topics of the comments, making it easier for users to navigate through and engage with the comments. This feature is also currently available to YouTube Premium subscribers and can be accessed through the Android and iOS apps.

To enable these experimental features, users can go to their YouTube settings and select “Try new features” to activate them. YouTube’s goal with these features is to enhance user engagement and provide a more interactive and enriching experience for its users. These features are part of YouTube’s commitment to innovation and the future of online entertainment.

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