3 skills could make or break your cybersecurity career in the generative AI era

The Importance of 3 Key Skills for a Successful Cybersecurity Career in the Age of Generative AI

Learn how generative AI is transforming the cybersecurity industry and what CISO Steve Cobb looks for in candidates with three critical soft skills.

Steve Cobb is the CISO of SecurityScorecard and has over 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, incident response, and cyber threat intelligence.

According to Indeed, almost one in five jobs are highly exposed to generative AI, which has proven beneficial for cybersecurity careers by automating threat data analysis. This allows cybersecurity professionals to focus more on mitigating risks.

Generative AI can identify new risks and alerts, but using it requires a unique skill set. When interviewing cybersecurity candidates, Cobb looks for three critical soft skills: lateral thinking, persistence, and communication. Lateral thinking is essential in cybersecurity as candidates must be able to quickly pivot when addressing risks and threats in real-time.

Generative AI also introduces data security and privacy concerns, so candidates must understand how it can leverage and compromise organizations’ internal data. Security professionals should be proactive in questioning how new threats can bypass existing tools and processes. To gauge lateral thinking skills, interviewers should focus on situational questions demonstrating how candidates used different resources to overcome a challenge.

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