Unleash Your Curiosity: Discover How ChatGPT Creates Killer Midjourney Prompts Just for You

Using Chat GTP to Refine and Create Mid-Journey Prompts

If you’re looking to create awesome AI images during your mid-journey, then you’ve come to the right place. In this video, we will explore how we can use Chat GTP to refine our mid-journey prompts and create variations to try out different things inside mid-journey.

To begin, let’s start a new chat in mid-journey and paste in the following prompt: “Need help creating mid-journey prompts to create awesome looking AI images.” You can find all these prompts by visiting the link in the description below, which will take you to my website, theaiunderground.com. From there, you can simply copy and paste the prompts.

Now, let’s paste in some data from your journey specifically on how prompts work and then go to the page exploring prompting and copy everything into the chat as well. Once we hit enter, Chat GTP will summarize what we just told it. If you don’t want it to summarize everything, you can include a summarization prompt at the bottom, such as “just say yes if you understand.” This way, it will provide a concise response.

Next, we’re going to use a formula that I’ve found inspiration for from various creators online. Although I can’t attribute it to one specific person, many people are using this method. The formula consists of different parts:

1. Image to create: This is the basic mid-journey prompt where you tell Chat GTP what image you want to create next.
2. Five descriptive words or phrases: You can include five descriptive words or phrases to provide more context to Chat GTP.
3. Camera model and lens: Specify the camera model and lens for the image.
4. Lighting: Describe the type of lighting you want for the image.
5. Style of photograph: Define the style or genre of the photograph.

You can change the last three parts according to your preferences. For example, you can use video game type, digital artist, and color scheme. The key is to make it your own and experiment with different combinations.

Once you’ve entered the formula, hit enter and Chat GTP will understand. Now, let’s ask for specific prompts. Type in: “Using the prompt provided, please write a prompt for Batman posing at night for Gotham City PR campaign.” Paste in the provided prompt and describe the image you want. Click on “go” and we should get a prompt for what we asked for.

Now, let’s copy the generated prompt and paste it into mid-journey. Surprisingly, it’s not for the PR campaign, but it still looks great. The previous prompt was actually from a different video I recorded earlier. The Batman images all look sleek, but let’s try something else.

To explore more variations, let’s request six prompts for Batman posing at night for the Gotham City PR campaign. You can choose any number of prompts you want. These prompts will be different combinations that Chat GTP invents based on the formula. Copy and paste the generated prompts to try them out. One of them includes the Batmobile, which looks pretty awesome.

To further refine our prompts, let’s update the formula and have a more natural conversation with Chat GTP. Type in: “Please create five mid-journey prompts of a ninja dragon.” Chat GTP will fill in the rest based on the updated formula. Select the prompt that appeals to you the most and make any necessary adjustments.

Remember, when using mid-journey, it’s essential to try different prompts and ideas to achieve the desired result. While you may not always get the exact image you want, experimenting with variations will help you find unique and interesting options. This is where Chat GTP becomes a game changer, allowing you to generate ideas much faster.

To demonstrate this further, let’s try one more prompt. Copy and paste the provided prompt and witness how something completely different is created by using a different digital artist, color scheme, and prompt for the dragon itself. This shows that using Chat GTP for different ideas will ultimately help you create better prompts and achieve the images you desire more quickly.

For more information on using Chat GTP to come up with ideas for mid-journey prompts, watch the recommended video. If you’re unsure about the topic of your photo, check out the playlist dedicated to mid-journey. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell icon to stay updated with future videos.

In conclusion, utilizing Chat GTP to refine and create mid-journey prompts is an effective way to generate variations and enhance your AI image creation process. So keep crushing it and let’s create amazing AI images together!

In this video we’re going to take an idea we have for mid-journey image prompt and use chat GTP to help us refine it and create variations to try out different things inside mid-journey the first thing we want to do is start a new chat in mid-journey and paste in I

Need help creating mid Journey prompts to create awesome looking AI images but there are a few things I need you to understand about mid-journey before we go any farther all the prompts I’m pasting in here you can get via the link in the description down below to take

You to my website theai underground.com where you can just copy and paste all these prompts so for this I’m going to paste in some data from your journey from this page specifically on how prompts work and then I will go to this page exploring prompting I’ll copy

Everything in here paste that in here as well and then hit enter and now chat GTP is going to summarize what I just told it if you don’t want it to summarize all this you want to use up your characters for summarization at the bottom of this

Prompt up here you could type in something like just say yes if you understand and then it’ll just say yes hopefully it might still go off in a tangent but probably not the next prompt we’re going to use is a Formula I’ve got inspiration from this from various

Different creators online I can’t really attribute to the exact one because a lot of people are doing this similar method but basically we have a formula the first part of the formula image to create this is just basic mid Journey stuff you have to tell it what image you

Want to create next app the five descriptive words or phrases next camera model and lens next lighting next style of photograph these last ones can be changed change to whatever you want it could be something like video game type or video game genre digital artist and color scheme it could be celebrity name

Movie title and era like the 50s or 60s or something like that so you can change these last ones to be whatever you want we’ll try out some various ones in this video so once that’s in there let’s hit enter chat GTP understands and now we’re going to ask for specific prompts so

You’re going to type in here using the phone provided please write a prompt for Batman posing at night for Gotham City PR campaign so when you use this prompt you’d paste in this piece right here and then you describe the image you want right there click on go and we should

Get a prompt for what we asked for which in this case is this so let’s just copy that put this in the mid journey and see what happens and believe it or not this is not for that PR campaign this is from a different video I recorded a moment

Ago this was the inspiration video that I referenced actually earlier in this video there’s Batman those all look pretty slick for the pr campaign for Gotham City probably too much to ask that Batman smile because that’d be totally out of character so let’s try something else let’s have it create

Multiple prompts to see if we can get some variation so I’m gonna write that’s pretty awesome please write six majority prompts for Batman posing at night for Gotham City PR campaign so I was gonna write six prompts you have whatever number you want it could be two three

Four five even ten if you want and these will just be different combinations of things that chat GTP is just inventing based on our formula that we then copy and paste and try out this one includes the Batmobile so I think I want to try that one those look pretty awesome

Pretty awesome let’s uh update the formula make it something like what I described earlier where we’re replacing the back half of the formula right here I’m just going to talk to Chad GTP like I talked to regular human so we’ll just type this in let’s change the formula to

Image to create up to five descriptive words or phrases video games you’re on or a digital artist strict color scheme and these last ones again change them to whatever you want and then just yes if you understand hopefully this will keep chat GDP from being too long-winded okay

It worked now I type in with the updated formula please create five majority prompts of a ninja dragon and that should fill in all the rest of the things according to the formula these all look pretty cool I’m gonna do this one right here and I’m going to add in

An aspect ratio 16 by nine to make it wide those are pretty cool I like this one up here the best looks more like a ninja other ones look like it has lightsabers I like that one although it doesn’t look like a dragon looks like a dragon

Werewolf hybrid anyway my point is that you have chat GTP generate these ideas for you these variations on what you want to create and you try them out the thing with my journey the thing you have to wrap your head around is you can type in ninja dragon here as your image

Prompt and you can maybe get the exact thing you want but probably not you have to try different things try different prompts include different ideas but it’s hard to know what to include especially when you’re starting out so having chat GTP help you with that using these

Formulas that we used over here is a game changer it will help you go so much faster just to prove it to you let’s do one more let’s do this one right here and there we have something completely different because we have a different digital artist a different color scheme

And a different prompt for the dragon itself now it’s posing so I think that’s proof that using chat GTP to come up with different idea is is going to help you make better prompts faster and get to the images that you want sooner next up I recommend you watch this video

Right here which is all about using chat GTP to come up with ideas for mint Journey prompts if you don’t even know what the topic of your photo is check out that video and check out this playlist right here which is all about my journey if you haven’t done so yet

Make sure to click subscribing the Bell so you don’t miss me future videos my name is Bjorn from the AI underground until next time keep crushing it and I will see you in the next video