Unlock the Secrets: Master the Art of Crafting Jaw-Dropping YouTube Videos – ChatGPT Opens the Door to Infinite Possibilities!

In this video we’re going to use chat GPT as an assistant to help us create content for our YouTube videos I say assistant because we don’t want it to do everything for us we want to build our own audience and for that we need unique content in our voice chat GTP will

Create content in its voice and it’s going to sound like everybody else using chat GPT so I encourage you to try to incorporate your own voice and use chat GTP just as an assistant to help you create content faster and I know some of

You are going to say is I can come up with these ideas on my own or humans can do it better that may be so but as an assistant chat GPT can help you do it faster I can almost guarantee it the first thing I’m going to do is ask it

For some topic ideas my prompt is can you help me think of some creative topic ideas for YouTube videos for for a YouTube video about stand-up paddle boarding here we have 10 great ideas including some information about what we should be doing in the video sup Adventures exploring hidden gems sup fitness

Workout on water all these different angles of what you can do with a standard paddle board mastering tricks Advanced Techniques safety gear stand up paddle boarding with your dog and yes humans can come with these I could sit down for 15 20 minutes and think of

These ideas too but maybe not maybe I wouldn’t even get all these but I get some of them for sure but then you can also go and say those are great can you think of any more and then it just rattles off a whole bunch more I

Challenge you to do this on your own or find an assistant who will do this for you without getting tired it’s just helpful right I mean I’m not saying copy these verbatim and use these as your content I’m saying use these as a way to inspire you to incorporate your own

Ideas and your own thoughts in your own voice into creating this content so I’m going to choose this one right here for this example video sub safety essential gear and techniques I’m just going to copy this in the same chat here I’m going to enter my next prompt which is

Please write three concise bullet points they could use to create an intro to a video about stand-up paddle boarding safety I chose to write that out instead of having sup there just for more clarity for chat GPT essential gearing techniques so some important things here we say we want

Three otherwise it’s going to Rattle out 15 and that’s just too much to Wade through just for an intro intro is only supposed to be 5 or 10 seconds so make sure you enter a small number of bullet points here concise I also put it here because chat

GDP tends to ramble sometimes so I say concise and then I give it the topic and let’s see what spits out that’s not bad listen to our three directives so we have three bullet points they’re not too wordy and I bet you could read through these and create

A pretty enticing intro for this video I’m not saying again I’m not saying just use this for beta I’m not saying read this says your intro importance of safety discuss the crucial role of safety and stand on paddleboarding and emphasize the significance of being prepared because you sound like a robot

I’m saying read these bullet points think about them and then create your own intro based on the inspiration that you have here this makes your creative process so much faster so now we have our video topic and we have our introduction now the content of the

Video I’m going to ask Chachi PT or I’m going to say that’s awesome can you please write a sample outline of specific things to talk about in this video and it goes on for quite a while as you can see depending how long you want to make a video maybe you want to

Draw on all these subtopics maybe not but it’s important not important it is very helpful to be able to read through these and think about what you want to say in your video from your perspective of paddleboard safety and I know I keep referencing you specifically I think

It’s very hard to create content about something that you don’t know anything about chat GP T makes up a lot of stuff it lies a lot it hallucinates a lot it thinks it’s right and it sounds really good but it’s not right so then having you as the knowledgeable person to kind

Of Reign in the Chad GTP and take the bits that it gets right and that inspire you to create content for use that eat your content to make it better than it would have been or maybe not better but to make it faster that you only would

Have created it I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to have your own voice and build your audience with your own voice because it’s only a matter of time until the AI generate generated videos with the AI generated voices with the AI generated scripts overrun YouTube and people just start

Stop listening to them because there’s only so many ad generated voices people are just going to gloss over they’re gonna recognize the voice of course there are now ways to make your own voice with 11 labs and things like that but my point is that having your own

Voice your own tone the old way your own way of writing things even if you have different generated voices for your videos chat GPT is still going to write in a specific person’s voice you can tell he’s another person’s voice but has to be a famous person you couldn’t use

It necessarily to use your voice in the content it’s a bit of a ramble my point is you just want to use in my opinion use Chan GPT as an assistant not as the actual Creator if you use it as an assistant then you are the Creator if

You use it the other way chat GPT is the Creator and essentially you’re the assistant to the AI overlords it is making videos that the AI thinks you should make so what do you want to be do you want to be the one in control you

Want to be the Creator or do you want to be the assistant you choose I’m suggesting you be the Creator and get inspiration from what chat GPT and other AIS put out and you can improve it and add your own Spin and make it worthwhile content that people want to watch but

That’s just my opinion next up check out this whole playlist here about Chachi PT on the AI underground Channel if you haven’t done so yet make sure to click subscribe ring the bell so you don’t miss new future videos my name is Bjorn until next time keep crushing it I will

See you in the next video

How to Use Chat GPT as an Assistant to Create Unique YouTube Content


In this video, we’re going to explore how chat GPT can assist us in creating content for our YouTube channel. However, it’s important to note that chat GPT should be used as an assistant and not the sole creator. We want to build our own audience and for that, we need unique content in our voice.

Incorporating Your Own Voice

While chat GPT can generate content in its own voice, it’s essential to incorporate your own voice to create a distinct identity for your channel. Use chat GPT as a tool to speed up your creative process and come up with content ideas that align with your style and tone.

Generating Topic Ideas

To start, ask chat GPT for help in thinking of creative topic ideas for your YouTube videos. For instance, if you’re looking for ideas on stand-up paddleboarding, chat GPT can provide you with several suggestions. Some of these ideas include “SUP Adventures: Exploring Hidden Gems” and “SUP Fitness: Workout on Water.” While humans can come up with these ideas too, chat GPT can help you generate them faster.

Using Bullet Points for Video Introductions

Once you’ve selected a topic idea, you can ask chat GPT to create concise bullet points for the introduction of your video about stand-up paddleboarding safety. Make sure to specify the number of bullet points you want, as chat GPT tends to generate a large number if not limited. With these bullet points, you can create an engaging intro by incorporating your own ideas and thoughts.

Sample Outline for Video Content

Next, you can ask chat GPT to provide a sample outline for the content of your video. Depending on the duration you want for your video, chat GPT can generate a comprehensive outline with various subtopics to consider. However, it’s important to note that chat GPT generates content based on its own understanding, which may not always be accurate. It is crucial for you, as the knowledgeable creator, to filter and refine the generated content to ensure its accuracy.

Importance of Your Own Voice

While chat GPT can assist in generating content, it’s important to have your own voice and perspective. AI-generated videos with generated voices and scripts may eventually dominate platforms like YouTube. Therefore, it’s crucial to build your audience with your unique voice and style. Use chat GPT and other AI tools as assistants to enhance your content, but ensure that you are the one in control and not just an assistant to the AI overlords.


Using chat GPT as an assistant can significantly speed up your content creation process. By incorporating your own voice and style, you can create unique and engaging YouTube videos that resonate with your audience. Remember, you are the creator, and AI tools like chat GPT are there to assist you in making your content even better. So, take inspiration from AI-generated content, but always add your own spin and make it worthwhile for your viewers.